Towel digitizing

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From the hospitality industry to homes, adding a unique mark on the towels gives them a luxury touch. Towel digitizing is an integral part of the branding and marketing techniques at the moment. By giving them a personalized touch, you can easily use them to enhance your presence or promote your name. 

In the hospitality industry, this type of embroidery digitizing is super important where waiters and staff are always in their professional uniforms. A sense of belonging is generated when everything in the vicinity comes with the same logo including bed sheets, bathrobes, pillows, etc. Couples can also have similar marks or names embroidered on their sets to give their belongings a personal feel. 

Towel digitizing just like any other embroidery digitizing service requires immense efforts from the hands of the artists. Converting your designs into scalable art requires talent and precision, not many possess. A special push and pull technique with an appropriate underlay is utilized to give a polished touch to the end product. 

Another special form of embroidery like 3D puff can also be utilized for towels. To multiply the class of the fabric and enhance its purpose, we assign the best digitizers on towel digitizing tasks. Each of the professionals is guided throughout the process to follow the specifications you provide and keep in mind the promise of a quick turnaround. 

If you are searching for an affordable, reliable, and competent team to partner with, then AQ Digitizing and Embroidery is your best bet. We are here for you 24/7 and ensure the complete safety of your designs regarding copyright issues. Privacy and quality are two main commitments of our company, hence you can contact us right away and wait for the results exceeding all your expectations!