Silhouette art

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What to do when you have experienced all the mundane art forms? You come to us for a unique experience! 


Silhouette art is an exceptional art form not many people are aware of. What we often see on the internet and television can also be digitized on other items now. While other art forms require experience, skill, and concentration, this one goes the extra mile. Here, you will need keen eyes and a great aesthetic sense to match the demands of the times. 


If your artwork is not unique, it does not garner the fame it deserves. If you cannot attract the public eye with it, then it beats its purpose. Therefore, when it comes to creating a distinct artwork, we at, AQ Digitizing and Embroidery excel at it! From consultation to conception and till the completion of the process, we take great care of the design and do not miss any detail! 


This form of art follows the mantra of less is more. In just two shades, it tells a story many detailed drawings cannot. For this reason, it has been a primary pick food creative and artistic people. Some get this one their clothes and others often utilize the smart art on items like coffee mugs, notebooks, posters, keychains, pencil boxes, bags, etc. 


Silhouette art usually comes in black and white and gives a solid impression. But these days, different combinations are also being used to make it a part of pop art culture. Whether your design is big or small in size, this process will help in eliminating all the factors that limit your creativity. The process of vectorization makes it a flexible piece to be used over various formats. 


Each of our design experts works meticulously on the designs and crafts a magnificent product. All these products come with long life and do not get blurred or stretched when the scale is increased. 


Vector conversion experts understand what your requirements are and only then get to the major work. Not just our design team, but our customer support is 24/7 available to help you get your desired results by staying in touch.