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You have an idea in your mind, you sketch it out roughly on paper and now want it as a logo. Where would you go to make your design come to life? 


The difficult part is not about creating an idea but making that idea match your brand’s personality. Logo vector is all about making your rough sketches become an ideal logo for your brand. When you are entering the industry, you are extremely prone to scams and frauds. People will sell you low-resolution images known as raster images which will be completely useless to you. 


Before you go for a low-quality raster image, know the pros and cons of vector and raster. Raster images are highly resolution-dependent and made up of tiny pixels. whereas, vector images are flexible and created with the help of mathematical formulae and algorithms. Vector can easily be scaled up or down as per the requirement of the printing but raster images come with a short stretching limit. 


For logo vector, a simple cluster of squared tiny pixels would never be enough. Hence, a high-resolution vector image is the preferred choice of industry giants. While vectorization is essential, it never hurts to get a raster version of your image for the internet and other small applications. 


At AQ Digitizing and Embroidery, we have in-house vector designer experts at what they do. You just have to bring your designs, rough sketches, or ideas to us, and leave the hard work to us. We are proficient in vectorization and deliver a file you can utilize over maximum formats. We pride ourselves on providing vibrant versions and helping businesses grow to their maximum potential. 


Whenever clients complain regarding their vectorized files, it is often about files not opening on their computers. The reason is simple, vector art is different and complex, you need special software easily available on the internet to view and scale it. Send us your queries today and let us help you in designing your best logo!