Cap Digitizing

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Add a distinct touch to your caps with our excellent digital embroidery services. We listen, understand, and only then execute your design on your preferred item. It takes a skilled team, expert designers, and the finest manual work to make hats and cap digitizing a complete success. 


Most of the embroidered caps available in the market today are following a team, brand, or sports. These emblems are not always in line with one’s perspective. Hence, customizing your accessories to your liking has become a major trend in recent days. People are choosing personalized designs to stand out among the crowds and going for cap digitizing actively. 


This process is a bit different than digitizing embroidery on other items. It takes even more skilled hands and eyes to carry out the intricate work to match the curved nature of the cap and to keep it aligned with the seams. At AQ Digitizing and Embroidery, the process becomes even simpler as our experts utilize their skills in manually digitizing your designs. The end product is obtained by using different techniques to match the highest standards of digitizing embroidery in the world. 


We utilize the center out technique, where starting from the bottom up and from middle to far ends is the way to go. Puff or chenille embroidered caps are still a favorite even after becoming mainstream. To give you the desired flare and glamour, our experienced digital artists carry out the work by following all the specifications you provide. 


We utilize our talent with your idea to create a masterpiece you will fall in love with. When it comes to cap digitizing,  we have mastered the art of delivering top-notch results within your budget. From the moment you contact us, our customer representatives are there to make the whole journey easy and smooth for you. Get in touch with us to avail the best quality services with the quickest turnaround!